Note that all of these recipes have been collected from various websites around the internet and reformatted here to satisfy my OCD as well as make them easily readable on my iPhone while cooking.  :)  I don’t take credit for any of these recipes, just sharing the culinary love.

Here is some information on the Ital diet:

And more here:



Ital omelette

Mandarin pancakes

Jamaican steamed callaloo

Grilled ripe plantains

Plantain in coconut sauce



 Simple rice and peas

Curried lima beans

Greens, lentils and weet potato in coconut sauce

 Sesame glazed beans

Daikon pot-stickers

 Chinese-style tofu



Crispy raw vegetable summer rolls

Lentil salad

Irie salad

Asian tofu salad


Ital soup

Ital stew

Ital curry 


Ital curry eggplant rundown

Jamaican vegetable rundown


Ital bread


Ital maffé

Radish greens sauce

Courgette sauce

Pepper and tomato sauce


Enhanced carrot juice

Infused kola


Almond honey crisp

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