Ital bread

-in a dry pan put sesame seeds, cumin seeds, or the seed of your choice

(hemp, crushed peanuts…) and warm until light brown, so the seeds can

exhale their flavors. when done, reserve.

-Make then a paste using half corn flour and chickpea flour, salt, natural

yeast, water, pepper. you can also add herb such as thyme. add water in

order to have a classical bread paste. add the seeds.

-knead about 15/30 minutes and then leave 2 hours. Knead again and leave 2 hours again

-when ready, oil very lightly a big pan, warm it (my position is 3 on 6).

add the paste a make it plate. add a liitle flour and project a little water

with wet hands. cook aproximately 10 min per face, until brown.

-Note: you can also use this past inna oven like usual bread.


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