The nine to five plan

Untitled-1This is my favorite workout plan ever!

I call it the Nine to Five Plan for intense muscle development.

Who can use this plan

This plan is great for all fitness levels, from complete beginners to experienced bodybuilders.

It’s an especially good introduction to weight training because it covers all the muscle groups and uses common, effective exercises that can be done using machines and/or free weights.

This plan is excellent because it fits in to a typical workday. There are nine exercises per day and five exercise sessions per week.  Each session takes between 45-60 minutes to complete, leaving plenty of time to shower and get ready for work.

Ways to use this plan

CUTTING:  I have seen excellent weight loss when I paired a tone-downed version of this routine with cardio as part of a traditional cutting cycle.

STRENGTH & DEFINITION:  I use it without cardio to define my muscles to create a slimmer body shape, though I use lighter weights to build strength without adding mass.

BULKING:  I have seen this exact plan used with tremendous results for bulking.  To bulk with this plan, add heavier weights, adjust to bulking diet,  and use a testosterone booster if you’re male.

I have found that most women achieve their best results when they do cycles of two to three months of strength followed by two to three months of cutting.  Men most frequently do cycles of cutting and bulking.

Types of sets 


4 sets per exercise

Set 1: 12 reps  or 10 reps
Set 2: 10 reps or 8 reps
Set 3: 8 reps or 6 reps
Set 4: 6 reps  or 4 reps

beginning with lightest weight and ending with heaviest

increasing 5-10 pounds per set

For example, on alternating dumbbell curls, I’ll start with 10 pounds, increase to 12 pounds, and finish with 15.  My goal on the last 4 reps is to hit muscle failure while maintaining correct form.  


4 sets per exercise

Set 1:  12-15 reps
Set 2: 12-15 reps
Set 3: 12-15 reps
Set 4: 12-15 reps

You could do any type of drop sets you want with this, but I  have had my best results with pyramids.

Helpful tips

AMINO ACIDS:  My maximum weight loss and muscle gain (tone and definition) occur when I used branched-chain amino acid powder and hit my target RDA of protein (weight in kilograms x 0.8) each day.  CREATINE:  Creatine ethyl ester makes weight lifting a breeze and greatly aids in the development of muscle.

PRE-WORKOUT: I drink a cup of black coffee or yerba mate as my pre-workout supplement.  Even Vega’s pre-workout causes me to become aggro, so I don’t use pre-workouts on a regular basis.

THERMOGENIC (for cutting):  Green’s Plus Thermo Lean is an all-natural stimulant free supplement that has helped meet my “cutting” goals.  It has green coffee extract and yerba mate, and I’ve had zero jitters.

POST-WORKOUT:  I typically drink a protein shake of at least 22 grams of protein after muscle training.  Here’s my favorite recipe.


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