Plant-based kitchen must-haves

What are the plant-based appliances and ingredients I could never be without? Read more to find out what they are and how I use them!
1. Wok. I use my wok for everything from sautéing to making stews. It’s my favorite PB appliance because it holds a ton of veggies, controls splatters because of the high sides, and comes with a great kid for steaming and making things tender.
2. High-quality Kitchen Aid food processor. A blender won’t cut it for making things like hummus, shredding heads of cabbage, making salsas and slaws, and whipping up an impromptu batch of raw truffles.
3. Magic Bullet blender. I used a Ninja for a good while, but ultimately I’ve gone back to my $40 As-Seen-on-TV Bullet. This little thing is a BEAST. It crushes ice better than any blender I have ever used, grinds hemp seeds down to a powder, perfectly purées greens into breakfast smoothies, and quickly processes a salad dressing or veggie marinade.
4. So Delicious Protein Plus Almond milk (plain unsweetened.) For years I was confounded by the lack of protein in PB milks. Finally, So Delicious has developed a milk fortified with D, calcium, and protein! It’s thick, creamy, and is absolutely multi-purpose. I have made incredible potato soups with it, powerful protein smoothies and muffins, and delightfully silky desserts.
5. So Delicious plain cultured coconut yogurt. (It is not strictly vegan because the bacteria are derived from cow’s milk–they have to be, as I understand it– but it is 100% lactose and dairy-free.) I love this product for its silky, custard-y texture, sweetly sour flavor, and gut-friendly bacteria. It works as an excellent egg replacer in baking, goes beautifully with fruit, and the flavor is neutral enough to use it to make tzatziki dip. When my digestive fire is a little snuffed, a serving of this yogurt gets things back into balance.
6. Light Life Smart Bacon. I keep this on hand for adding flavor to soups, stews, casseroles, sandwiches, and greens. My Southern-style collard greens recipe is incomplete without veggie bacon, and no omnivore has EVER done anything but compliment a dish made with it. The package says to cook the bacon first, but I never have. I slice it up and throw it directly in any recipe for added flavor and protein.
7. Not Beef Bouillon Cubes. No soup, or sautéed vegetable dish is complete without it. Not Beef imparts a wonderfully warm and home-style flavor to anything you use it in.

8. Bay leaf. It’s hands-down my go to spice! The flavor is intriguing, complex, and comforting. I add the leaves anytime I’m throwing together a dish from scratch. Sometimes I grind into a powder to concentrate the flavor in a dish.

9. Garlic, onions, tomato, and celery (stalks, root, or ground seed.  )If you have these four veggies, you can make almost anything. My fridge is never without them!

10. Hemp seeds. They are a complete protein, wonderfully high in DHA/EFA/omegas, and packed with nutrition. They need to be finely ground, however, as the shells are tougher than those of chia and flax. The flavor is very nutty and unusual, but I know you will love it as much as I do. I add it to everything, and even use it to replace some of the flour in baking. A blend of hemp, flax, chia, pumpkin like Power of 3 will boost your health out the roof!

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