Bountiful Baskets co-op instructions

I’ve been participating in the Bountiful Baskets co-op for awhile now, and I’ve noticed the process is extremely confusing for first-timers.  Here’s a quick tutorial to make it easy with Tarrant County folks in mind:

1.    Go to at NOON on Monday.  (The Texas sites are only active from noon-midnight, and if you don’t sign up between those hours, you can’t get a basket.)
2.    Click “Participate Now” and click “Texas.”
3.    Login or register.
4.    Click “Tarrant County” and select your site.  (This week is an A-Week, so you will pick up at 8:30 AM at Stovall Park.  Next week is a B-Week, so you will pick up at 6:30 AM at Maverick’s Pub.  See the “Locations” tab for more info.)
5.    Select the number of baskets you want, and click “New Participant” if this is your first-time.  (The $3 fee goes to offsetting the overhead cost of the sorting bins used at the site.)  If you want to upgrade to organic, select that box.  Conventional baskets are $15 plus tax, and organic baskets are $25 plus tax.  If you want to purchase anything additional like veggie pack add-ons, bread, coconut oil, granola, etc. check that box.  Veggie add-ons typically include 5-7 different additional vegetables. 
(The fruit and vegetable offerings differ each week, and like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get, but that’s the fun!  There are tons of recipes on the “Blog” tab of the Bountiful Baskets website, and there is also a Bountiful Baskets-Texas Facebook page where participants chat and post recipes.  You’ll receive $50-70 worth of produce each week, and one basket usually lasts me two weeks.  For two people, I get one basket and a veggie add-on.  Here are tons of examples of what people receive in their baskets each week.  ) 
6.    Next, put in your address and credit card information, and press submit ONCE. Print or save a copy of your receipt. 
7.    On Saturday morning at 8:30 AM, you’ll go to Stovall Park and line up to pick up your produce.  Bring your receipt and either a large reusable grocery bag, a box, or a laundry basket to take home your produce in.  (You don’t get to keep the baskets they use to sort the veggies in.) 
8.    That’s it!  Just remember to sign up again the following Monday if you want more veggies, and keep in mind that the pick up sites alternate between Stovall Park and Maverick’s Pub.

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