Ice Cream Cake

26th Birthday Cake

This is so simple to make! 

You will need the following:
3 springform pans (6 in, 4 in, 2 in)
3-4 pints of any ice cream
1 bag of oreos or other cookie
1 pkg Mimicreme Healthy Top
          (or 1 tub Cool Whip)
decorations, candies, candles, etc.
1. Begin by clearing out your freezer completely so you’ll have enough room to store the cake.  If you’re planning on transporting it, you’ll need a cake keeper, an ice chest, and a bag of ice.  If at all possible, it’s best to prepare the cake on-location, and it really doesn’t take very long or create much mess.
2. Next, get three springform pans in graduated sizes.  I use a 6 inch, a 4 inch, and a 2 inch to make a cake that yields 15 very generous servings. 

3. If you want to cookie crumbles between each later, fill the bottom of each pan with crushed Oreos or any cookie you like.  The amount doesn’t really matter, but I usually put enough crushed cookies to fill the pan up to 1/4 inch.  You can crush them as finely or as coarsely as you like, but coarse seems to work best.  If you don’t want cookie layers, then skip this step. 

4. Spoon in enough ice cream to completely fill each pan.  I like to use two to four different flavors of ice cream, so I mix-and-match pint sized and single-serve cartons. Make sure the top is level by scraping off any excess ice cream with a butterknife.  If you want a cookie crust on the bottom of your base layer, add crushed cookies on top of the ice cream after you level it off.  (You’ll be flipping the pans over later.)

5. Place each pan into the freezer and allow to freeze for an hour or so.  You want to freeze the ice cream until it is very hard, as it will have to sit out for a few minutes while you serve it, so you may need to adjust your refrigerator temperature.  (I crank mine up all the way because I am impatient!)

6. When the layers are frozen, take out the largest layer and gently use a butterknife to loosen the edges.  Draw your knife in a complete circle around the edges of the pan.  Next, flip the pan upside down onto a large plate.  Open the springform pan with the little lever, and gently jiggle the sides of the pan so the ice cream falls out.  Carefully remove the base of the pan from the top of the layer. Take the next layer out of the freezer, loosen the edges, and place on top of the base layer.  Repeat with the final layer.  (If the room is hot, I recommend doing this inside the freezer, if possible.)

7. If you like, you can frost the cake with non-dairy whipped cream (or 1 tub of regular whipped cream if you’re not vegan.)  Mimicreme makes a product called Healthy Top which is made from almonds and cashews and tastes like heaven, but depending on where you live you may have to order this by mail ahead of time. 
8.  Decorate the cake with crushed cookies, sprinkles, small candies, and add candles if desired.
9.  For best results, use a very sharp non-serrated knife to slice the cake.  A cake slicer or butter knife won’t cut through the hard freeze, so I usually use a long pairing knife or chef’s knife.  I recommend cutting through all three layers for each “slice.”  You’ll end up demolishing your work if you try to separate the tiers, so just go with it as it is.  :)
If you get confused at any point, has a great step-by-step video.

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