Cosmic Cafe Review

Cosmic Cafe (Dallas):

Cosmic Cafe is the vegetarian restaurant Dallasites have been mistaking for a Hari Krishna Temple over the past twenty years.  It serves mainly Indian-inspired dishes, and attracts everyone from non-vegetarians to the Tibetan Buddhist Monks who build the mandalas at the Crow Collection.  

The Cosmic Cafe was formerly the Cosmic Cup and owned by Kumar Pallana, who has starred in several Wes Anderson films.  Indeed, Anderson’s Bottle Rocket was written here in the 1990s.

Note that the owner is not vegetarian, and the veggies of the day (and the veggie side on the Buddha’s Delight) are deep fried, but this is something no one will tell you.  I am not certain if the cheese is rennet-free, or whether the other dairy products are sustainable sourced. 

The clientele are honest, ethical people who come here to relax, and who are always glad to have a conversation with a stranger over a cup of chai.  It’s a beautiful place with a few negative points, but on the whole, I absolutely love it.  You won’t find another restaurant like it!  A great place for vegans, non-vegans, and those interested in ethnic cuisines. 


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