Holiday Goodies

I went a little crazy with my holiday baking this year.  Here’s a rundown of what I made.  I’ve included the acompanying recipes, and all of them are vegan except for the bread– it calls for farm fresh eggs.  (I only use eggs from pet chickens!)
Dark Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Slices
I melted one bar of Lindt 90% dark chocolate (It sounds horrifying, but it’s not at all bitter.  It’s actually very complex, unbelievably smooth, and vegan.) and dipped my candied oranges in it.  I allowed them to dry overnight and will give them away as tasty gifts. 
Christmas Trail Mix
Many of my candied oranges fell apart or didn’t maintain a circular shape.  I cut these into 1/2 inch strips and mixed them with homemade raisins, homemade candied almonds and cashews, and added unsweetened shredded coconut to keep everything from sticking together.  I tossed it all together and put it in pretty glass jars to give as gifts.
Candied Nuts
This is so unbelievably simple.  Melt 1/3 cup raw sugar in a large skillet.  Add 2/3 cup whole raw nuts and toss to coat with sugar.  Lay out on aluminum foil to dry.  Break apart by folding half the foil over and whacking it several times with a mallet.  Or, do what I did:  break the nuts apart individually while the mixture is still warm.  (Yes, my fingers are burned!)
This makes a wonderful Christmas breakfast and looks lovely wrapped up in mini loaf pans to give as gifts.  
All my goodies wrapped up!  The dollar store has a ton of clever labels, inexpensive loaf pans, containers, and curling ribbon.  Easy peasy.

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