New Start Veggie Garden in Dallas

Bibimbap with tofu and noodles

I just visited New Start Veggie Garden in Dallas (really Las Collinas/Farmers’ Branch), and it was spectacular.

Veggie Garden serves the healthiest kind of food.  Their style is simple, tasty Korean-influenced vegan dishes that use no oil, refined sugar, refined flour, or MSG. 

The owner, I am told, healed herself from cancer by adopting an oil-free vegan diet, and was then inspired to open this restaurant to share the gift of good food with others. 

Positive energy infuses each bite, and you clean your plate feeling full, happy, and healthy. 

kelp chips with sea salt

You’ll find wonderful kelp chips sprinkled with sea salt, tasty homemade veggie patties, miso soup, fresh salads, curried vegetables, eggplant, tempura veggies, pumpkin soup, warm rice, beautifully seasoned noodles, peppers, carrots, delicious guacamole, creamy tofu-cashew salad dressing, carrots, spinach, squash, spring rolls, and plenty of bean sprouts. 

Mountain Mushroom Tea

You can choose coconut water to drink or various bottled Goya beverages.  My favorite was Veggie Garden’s freshly made cinnamon and date juice and their outstanding Mountain Mushroom Tea, which is smoky, delicious, exotic, and full of powerful anticancer agents.  The mushroom tea is made with  Phellinus Linteus (Sang Hwang) mushrooms, and is sweetened with a kind of Korean medicinal herb (I think it’s chamomile or licorice.)  It’s $1 per cup, and refills are unlimited!

Miso soup with tofu and spinach

Veggie Garden is buffet-style, but the proprietor is happy to answer questions, and even expertly prepare bibimbap with ingredients he suggests for those unfamiliar with Korean cuisine (like me!)

Bibibmap with nori and mushrooms

The consciousness of the cook affects the quality of the food, and the quality of the food and the pleasant atmosphere at New Start Veggie Garden is outstanding. 


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