Grow your own scoby

Day One

 I started my kombucha scoby from GT’s raw unpasteurized Original on 4 July.  I followed an excellent set of instructions from Bonzaiaphrodite and Cultures for Health.

After One Week

After a week, I had some growth, and went ahead and “fed” the mixture with another cup of sweet tea.

After Two Weeks

After two weeks, I had a pretty healthy scoby, but it still was not large enough to start a half gallon brew, so I went ahead and purchased one that was already fully developed from Faith Padilla at Etsy.
Covered with flour sack
I keep it covered with a small piece of flour sack and tucked away in my cupboard.  I cut a large flour sack in half and folded the half over for my continuous brew system.  Then I took the other half and cut it into fourths, folded one of the fourths in half and used it to cover my mason jar.  The remaining fourth has become a cleaning rag.  :)

I fed the scoby another cup of sweet tea again at the week two mark.  In a few weeks, I should have a sizeable scoby that I can use to experiment with, or add to my existing batch.

Here are the instructions from Bonzaiaphrodite I followed to grow my own scoby from commercial Kombucha.  I supplemented these directions with instructions from Cultures for Health.  You can sign up to receive a copy of their free eBook here, and their information is by far the most straightforward and concise I have come across so far.

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