Power of 3 Post-Workout Smoothie

After a long, sweaty session at the gym, I arrived home to find a wonderful gift from my friend Anne-elise at Power of 3 Nutrition!  Her tasty, warm, filling and balanced blend of raw whole food energy was just what I needed after two hours of weights and the Stairmaster!

I always finish up my day with a green protein smoothie, and Power of 3 was an ideal addition.  One serving (about 1-2 tbs) has 2400 mg of Omega 3’s, 9 grams of protein, and 11 grams of fiber! I received the Original flavor, which is perfectly compatible with any food.

Did I mention how pretty it is?  Just look at this stuff.  Easy on the eyes, but supercharged with optimum nutrition!  It’s all organic, low in carbohydrates, high in fiber, gluten free, vegan, rich in antioxidants, and packed with nutrition.  Power of 3 is a gorgeous blend of organic pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, milled flax seeds, and subtle spices.  I talk more about the nutritional benefits of Power of 3 in this blog postbut what’s most important, is that it tastes like a thick trail-mix cookie, and it makes me ridiculously happy when I eat it.  

Earlier this week I purchased Maca Up Energy Protein (it’s vegan) which is made with pea protein, brown rice protein, maca root powder, and a boat load of amino acids and enzymes.  

I wanted to a different kind of vegan protein to alternate with my existing soy protein because it’s not good to consume the same exact thing every single day.  Variety is key.  And the Maca Up powder has an outstanding amino acid profile, plus maca root powder, which is an adaptogen with tremendous health benefits for both men and women. 

So, I decided to enjoy the best of both worlds and use my Maca Up and Power of 3 in a tasty smoothie.

Here’s the recipe for greatness:

1 scoop BCAA & Glutamine
1 scoop Maca Up Vanilla Energy Protein
3/4 cup carrot juice
1 tbs Power of 3 Raw Food Energy
4 ice cubes
1/2 cup water
2 cups organic baby spinach leaves

Add carrot juice, powders, Power of 3, and ice to blender.  Pour water on over ice.  Blend until well-mixed.  Add spinach, and blend until combined.

Upon trying my new smoothie, my exact reaction was, “ERMAHGERD!  We have achieved post-workout smoothie brilliance!”

The Maca Up is quite creamy and tasty, and the carrot juice provides a balanced amount of sweetness. (I personally don’t care for my green smoothies to be loaded with fruit or taste like dessert.)  The spinach, of course, is totally undetectable.  I know green smoothies look like Nickelodeon slime, but you really can’t taste the spinach.  

What really shines in this smoothie is the Power of 3 ROCKIN’ Raw Food Energy.  It gives everything this amazing nutty flavor.  Since it has chia seeds which act as a binding agent, it helps the powders and liquids cream together very nicely.  No boring, watery smoothie here!  It has a wonderful, warm flavor that reminds me of a really hearty cookie.  Check out the Power of 3.  It’s relatively inexpensive 10-ounce blend of powerful seeds and spices.  To read more about this awesome product and Anne-elise’s story, check out this blog post.

I almost feel guilty after drinking this smoothie because it was so good, but then I remember how low it was relatively low in calories, loaded with vitamins from the carrot juice and spinach, beefed up with a ton of protein from the Maca Up powder, supplemented with an awesome helping of fiber from the Power of 3, and spiked with a whopping dose of omega 3’s.

Now I really have something to look forward to when I come home from the gym!  Thank you, Anne-elise!


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