Power of 3 Nutrition and Health Coaching

Power of 3 & Granola BAMbola 

I recently discovered a fantastic super food supplement called Power of 3.  It’s a blend of organic pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, milled flax seeds and spices that provides a balanced protien and omega profile with tons of great taste.  It’s already mixed and ground, so it’s super easy to incorporate into any recipe you like. 

I enjoy adding a blend of ground chia and flax to different recipes, smoothies, soups, desserts, hummus, dips, and snacks.  Many of the recipes I have posted on Save 198 call for such a blend, and the great part about Power of 3 is that it comes in three different flavors to compliment various dishes.  The Original blend is nonedescript so you can use it anywhere, in both sweet and savory dishes.  The India Spice is a digestive healing mix and goes well in hummus and dips.  The Sea Salt and Garlic is the most popular variety, and is great in just about anything, or you can go Italian-style and serve it by itself with a little olive oil, and use it as a dipping sauce for warm bread.  The Cinnamon Maple is ideal for sweet treats, oatmeal, porridge, dried fruits, and trail mixes.  A new Gogi-Coconut blend is also in the works, so expect that soon!

The Power of 3 supplement is made by a family-owned business and is complemented with holistic health coaching and a delicious granola blend, Granola BAMbola. A co-worker clued me in on this wonderful product, and I contacted the family to learn more.  This is their story.

Anne-elise Stern is a jet pilot and licensed health coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  She was a strict vegetarian for twenty years and believed her diet to be optimum until she began training to become a naturopath.  Her classes led her to realize that her diet was missing some essential keys to health.  

“I realized I was not getting the proper nutrients into my body simply by paying attention to what I ate, and how I felt afterward.  Simple macro nutrients like protein, fat, and carbohydrates were way out of whack in my diet.  Micro nutrients and phytochemicals from live food were basically non-existent,” Anne-elise explains.

She began healing herself with food, and soon realized a tremendous difference in how she felt and looked.  
“As I started healing, I found I had untapped surpluses of energy – I felt smarter too.  I was able to exercise more and do more with my life.  Before I started eating right, I would be tired by 10 am, and need a serious nap by 4 pm.  I never felt like working out after a flight.  My whole life has changed since I changed my thoughts and habits around food.”
Anne-elise’s new found enthusiasm for proper nutrition and exercise led her to develop the Power of 3 supplement.  She developed the blend by mixing and matching nutrient-dense pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, milled flax seeds while studying peer reviews and clinical trials on different nutrients.  One day, the perfect marriage of flavor and nutrition came together, and Anne-elise realized such a balanced combination of plant-based omegas was not sold in stores.  

“We named the product ‘Power of 3’ after the omega-rich, protein-rich, and fiber-rich synergistic blend of hemp, chia, flax, and pumpkin.  We add Ayurvedic spices to make it highly digestible and bio-available,” she explains.

Later down the road, she discovered her sister-in-law Cathy’s fantastic granola blend, and asked if she would like to partner with her and share the two products together.

“It’s a family business, and we are having so much fun with it.  Our mission is to make un-compromised, simple foods that the body can use for truly optimal health.”

The Power of 3 company believes that “the healthiest food comes straight from nature,” and their mission is to keep their products as close to natural as possible. In the future, Anne-elise and Cathy hope to develop other products and sell them in natural food stores like Whole Foods.

Visit the Powerof3Nutrition.com to try their extremely reasonably priced supplement and granola, and read Anne-elise’s health coaching profile for more information.

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