Gloria’s Review


Letter #1 (no response)

I’m a vegan food blogger and I am interested to try some of the tasty things on your menu and share reviews of your restaurant with others. There’s a huge vegan population in North Texas, especially around the UNT and UTA areas, and we love to share dining tips and restaurant reviews.

Unlike vegetarians, vegans do not eat dairy or eggs. Could you tell me a little more about the following menu items? I’ve asked some very specific questions to make things a little easier on your end. I really appreciate your time and attention, and I will be certain to share your response with other vegan food websites, groups, and restaurant listings so we know where to find you guys! And, we’ll bring friends!

Black Bean Dip– Do your beans contain lard or animal fat? Is it free of butter, egg, and dairy ingredients?

Chips and Salsa– Are your chips fried in the same fryer as your meat products? Does your salsa include any animal stock?

Black Bean Soup– Is your soup made with beef, chicken, or other animal stock? Is it free of butter, egg, and dairy ingredients?

Bean and Cheese Quesadillas and Spinach Quesadillas– Are your beans free of lard, butter, animal fat, dairy, and eggs? Can the cheese be left off and replaced with spinach instead to produce a Bean & Spinach Quesadilla? Can you offer any other grilled veggies to add to the entree?

Bean and Cheese Nachos– Can the cheese be replaced with vegetables like pico de gallo or guacamole? Are your beans vegan?

Platano Frito– Are the plantains fried in the same fryer as animal products? Can the sour cream be replaced with guacamole?

Tropical Salad– Can the meat topping be replaced with vegan black beans? Do you have another dressing besides honey balsamic? (Vegans do not eat honey, but oil and vinegar would be well-received.)

Veggie Omlett and Huevos con platano– Since vegans do not eat eggs, could the vegetable ingredients from these two dishes be combined to produce a sautéed veggie brunch entree served over sweet plantains (providing they are not fried with animal products), black beans (providing they are vegan), and guacamole?

Again, thank you sincerely!

Letter #2 (no response):

I emailed you all a few months ago and asked about vegan options.  I didn’t receive a reply, and I wanted to let you know that this has kept me from enjoying and recommending your restaurant.  I’m a vegan food blogger, and I always love to recommend restaurants that make the extra effort to accommodate us.  I’d like to know what menu items are vegan (no butter or lard in the beans, meat, fish, dairy, egg, honey, or animal additives such as gelatin and carmine.)I understand a vegan diet can be cumbersome to navigate, and since you’re family owned, I would love to recommend Gloria’s on my blog at Thank you so much! :)

EDIT:  I ate there this afternoon, and their bean dip, chips, and salsa are all vegan, according to the waiter.  On 2/25/13, a fellow vegan posted a comment saying that she was told the bean dip contains chicken stock.  Proceed with caution!!

I had the Tropical Salad, which was a total waste of money.  They don’t have oil and vinegar, so I had to dress it with salsa.  I was charged $10.99 for a Tropical Salad with chicken, which frustrates me because I did not eat chicken or dressing, but a dry salad with FREE salsa and FREE bean dip.  

I requested a side of whole beans to replace the chicken, and was given more FREE bean dip instead.  When I explained I wanted something I could use as a topping for my salad, I was given black bean soup and told they don’t have whole beans in the kitchen.  There were only two slices of pineapple, two slices of mango, and four strawberries on the salad as well, and it was definitely not worth $13 (with tip).

I find it odd that such a nice restaurant wouldn’t have a simple oil and vinegar dressing, and would really stick it to me with a $10.99 charge for chicken.  That’s trashy, not classy.  They don’t need to charge that much for their unimpressive salads, especially when I didn’t have any dressing or chicken, just more of the same free beans and salsa, and a small pile of mixed greens (which are very cheap to stock.)

If I eat there again, I will order corn tortillas, a side of guacamole, and a side of pico de gallo (if they have it, and it hardly seems likely) and eat that with the free bean dip and salsa.  Ridiculous.

I’d pick Mijo’s or Chuy’s over Gloria’s any day after this bizarre experience.  Who doesn’t have oil and vinegar?!  Seriously.


2 responses to “Gloria’s Review

  1. Eeeeeeeeewww! Thank you for telling me! Which location were you at? I try not to be unfair or unkind in my reviews, but Gloria's is truly uncooperative and downright rude to vegans.

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