Lisanatti vegan cheeze review

I was looking for a drier, flakier cheese similar to grated Parmesan. Lisanatti Vegan Cheeze does work, but it’s stickier than I hoped.
It is unusually nutty, probably due to the tapioca, but has the true creaminess of real mozzarella.  I used it in my Olive Bread and it worked very well.

I recently polished off the bag by myself, so I’d say we have a winner here!

This cheese would be excellent on a pizza and as a thickener in soups and other recipes. 

 Since it has more of a creamy taste instead of a cheesy taste, I think it could be blended with nut milk and used as a replacer for buttermilk or heavy cream in baking. 

It does not have the weird aftertaste of Daiya at all, and doesn’t upset my stomach, either!

Overall, here’s where we stand:

Raw cashew cheese:  *****
Heidi Ho:  *****
Lisanatti:  ****
Daiya:  **
Galaxy:  (still need to try it)

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