Why cage-free is cool

Although I generally describe myself as vegan for the sake of convenience, I do eat farm-fresh eggs.

In most cases eggs are the product of unsustainable and cruel conditions, even those that are supposedly “free-range,” but I am not referring to store-bought “organic,” “free-range,” or “cage-free” eggs. I’m talking about real eggs from happy chickens that roam free on two acres of land, receive the best care, and are well-loved by their owners.

So what if a byproduct of a hen’s ovulation cycle happens to be something humans can eat? Sure, it’s weird if you think about it. But when healthy hens are allowed to lay naturally, there is no harm in collecting and consuming their eggs. 

Farm-fresh eggs taste nothing like store-bought, cruelty-laden, overpriced eggs. They are delicious, vibrant, fresh, and light, and make the body feel satisfied  positive, and good.

This simple carton of eggs from a family farm reminds me that there is hope of dismantling our current factory farm system and returning to locally-based, sustainably-sourced agriculture. Though I am not interested in eating meat, I see farm-fresh eggs as a symbol that it is possible to obtain all animal products from a fair and kind source.

We will see change happen when we start shopping locally, and demanding fair and cruelty-free products of all kinds.


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