Favorite iPhone apps for staying healthy

I am a huge fan of apps. Not only do they keep my ADD in check, satisfy my curiosity, prevent boredom, and keep me from beat boxing in long lines and doctor’s offices, they also provide useful and easily-accessible information.

Here’s a list of my favorite apps, all of which you can find by simply searching for the title in the app store. Most of these are free as well. Enjoy!


Urbanspoon (for finding restaurants in my budget and in a particular city)

Mixology (for new cocktail recipes)

VegFast (quick look-up for vegan options at major chains)

Vegan Express (look-up for vegan dishes at chain restaurants)

Animal-Free (quick list of animal additives)

Vegan Subs (quick suggestions for common cooking and baking substitutes)

Do Eat Raw (great for detoxing and adding more raw veggies to your diet)

Epicurious (allows you to search by ingredient and dietary choice)


MyFitnessPal (great for dieting and tracking nutrient intake)

iVita (quick look-up for vitamins. Gives their uses, where to find them, RDAs and deficiency symptoms)

Nutrient Depletions (look-up for contraindications for medications and some supplements)

Herbs (look-up for herbs and their uses)

AltMeds (a great app for looking up diseases and conditions, with holistic treatment alternatives and remedies)

Healing Foods (quick look-up for foods, herbs, and spices which gives you nutritional benefits, preparation suggestions, and serving ideas)


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