For Justice

There’s a special place in the hereafter for those who exhibit such grace in the midst of agonizing torment.

Let’s not forget what Justice symbolizes: Millions of unwanted, unloved, tortured and abused individuals, animal and human alike. The ill in need of blood transfusions, tissue donations, and emotional and financial support. The dying who need a hand to hold.

Let this puppy inspire all of us to help others whenever we can; to show love, equanimity, and grace; and to fight against all kinds of violence and abuse.  Rest in peace, little guy. We are all blessed by your tail-wags of love and thankfulness.

A fund for critically injured and abused animals has been started in his name– The Justice Fund.

“We will be accepting donations… for The Justice Fund.  It is a fund that we have started in Justice’s name and honor and it will help abused, critically injured and neglected dogs at Dallas Animal Services.  For most rescue groups, including ours, it is very costly to help these types of dogs, because of their high medical costs.  We hope the Justice Fund will allow us help dogs with the severe injuries that need us most.”–Tammy, DFW Rescue Me

Please contribute to DFW Rescue Me to help other dogs like Justice.

Justice reminds us of the importance of donating blood. Injured dogs and cats can only receive blood from other dogs and cats. Check out Lone Star Blood Bank if you are interested in helping your pet become a blood donor.


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