10 ways to eat free-range on a budget

Every meat product that is not free-range comes from the unhealthy and abusive industry of factory farming.  Please consider purchasing your food from humane sources and suppliers who stock meat rated according to Global Animal Partnership‘s animal welfare rating system.  

The foremost reason why many people continue purchasing factory farmed products is because they are cheaper and more easily obtained. Many people choose cheaper factory farmed goods in order to be financially responsible, but surprisingly it is possible to make the switch to free-range products without breaking the bank. 

How? Here are several ideas:

1. Purchase less-expensive meat products.  Free-range ground beef may be substituted for ground turkey in many dishes, and this will contribute to a leaner body and lower cholesterol.
2. Buy free-range meats in bulk from wholesale food stores such as Costco or Sam’s. This will benefit those on a budget because wholesale stores offer a wide range of products in bulk amounts at a low cost.
3. Eat smaller portions of meat. One might switch from a 10 oz steak to a 6 oz steak and thereby save money, reduce one’s cholesterol, lose weight, and benefit one’s health.
4. Eat more vegetables, grains, and fruits to replace extra meat. One can save by eating more vegetables as they are much cheaper than meat products.
5. Choose meatless products.  Soy or Quorn products are extremely convincing substitutes for real meat. Meatless products benefit one’s health because they are extremely low in fat and cholesterol. 
6. Eat one free-range egg and a piece of cantaloupe for breakfast instead of two battery eggs.  Or, substitute four pieces of bacon for two pieces of turkey bacon, and a veggie omlet.
7. Start a garden, raise hens, sprout legumes and grains, or start a small porch-garden.
8. Eat out less and purchase whole foods instead of expensive processed foods.

9.  Join Bountiful Baskets and receive $50 worth of produce for $15 each week.
10.  Buy local raw milk and local free-range meat products.

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